Motor Vehicle Stop Leads Cops to Hotel Room Used to Package Fentanyl in Griswold

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GRISWOLD, CT – A Killingly man has been arrested after police were allowed to search his hotel room after a routine traffic stop. During that search, 50-year-old Killingly man was found to have two arrest warrants, and was taken into custody.

Connecticut State Trooper Haggerty was then joined by other Troop E troopers in the area.The accused 50-year-old man had bail set at $95,000 and was charged with violating probation and failure to appear.

While investigating the motor vehicle stop, a cooperative passenger led Troopers to and allowed them to enter his hotel room down the street. At the hotel room, 115 bags of fentanyl, cutting agents, scales and packaging were located.

Police arrested several more people once inside the hotel room but did not release their identities.

A 24-year-old Norwich man who had four Failure to Appear / Violation of Probation PRAWN warrants was located. The accused man had bail set at $91,000.

A 31-year-old Danielson woman who had five Failure to Appear PRAWN warrants was located. The accused woman had bail set at $500,000.

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A 25-year-old Jewett City man was located. The accused man had bail set at $2,500.