Two New Jersey Barter Networks Merge into One

2 mins read

TOMS RIVER, NJ – There is good news today for businesses working to climb out of the post-pandemic New Jersey economy. Business bartering services Barter Depot, Inc. of Jackson and Barter Saves of Toms River have merged to create one of the largest business-to-business barter networks in New Jersey.

BarterSaves, touted as New Jersey’s largest independently-owned barter exchange has gotten even bigger.

Last week, the company merged with Barter Depot Inc.  Barter Depot Inc. has been a leader in the barter business and served New Jersey and the surrounding area for almost 30 years.  The two will come under the BarterSaves brand.

“BarterSaves now boasts an expansive membership of approximately 2,000 members in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia,” says owner Rene Ackerson. “Founders of BarterSaves George and Rene Ackerson are excited to work with Joe Prince and Michele Meola and the Barter Depot Inc. members.  We look forward to helping all of the business owners to increase their purchasing power using barter instead of cash. It couldn’t be easier, your barter card acts like a debit card.”

Ackerson today said BarterSaves partners with businesses in many different industries including payroll, bookkeeping, home improvement, electricians, plumbers, restaurants, healthcare, spas, salons, advertising, media, furniture, mattresses, entertainment, parties, travel, jewelry stores, photography, website development, auto repair, vehicle wraps, retail stores, attorneys, wedding services and more.

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