Dover Police Say Stop Calling About The Planes, You Live Near an Air Force Base

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DOVER, DE – Police in Dover have a simple message for some residents in the community, “Stop calling us about jet noise complaints.”

That’s because Dover is situated next to one of America’s major U.S. Air Force bases with a steady stream of cargo jets and other military aircraft coming and going all day long. This week it’s about to get worse as the base prepares for the Thunder Over Dover Air Show.

“We can’t believe we have to say this, but please do not call the police department or 911 about the jet noise from the Thunder Over Dover air show. It is a complete waste of our resources and you are potentially putting people at risk who really need help,” the Dover Police Department said today.

“You live in Dover…there’s an Air Force Base here,” the department added. “Enjoy the sound of freedom for the next few days us. This event is great for our city. Plus, our Chevy Tahoes aren’t catching those guys.”