Joe Biden Now Wants to Ban All High Caliber Weapons, Say Constitution, 2A is Not Absolute

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154th National Memorial Day Wreath-Laying and Observance ceremony in Arlington

President Joe Biden suggested he wants to ban handguns and said, “there’s simply no rational basis for it,” during questions he answered while on the White House lawn.

Biden said he was shown x-rays of gunshot victims and said there’s no reason anyone should own a high-caliber weapon for self defense.

“They showed me a, uh, x-ray he said a 22-caliber bullet will lie in the lungs and we can probably get it out. You may be able to save the life,” Biden said. “A nine-millimeter bullet blows the lung out of the body, so the idea of these high caliber weapons is that there’s simply no rational basis for it in terms of self-protection, hunting.”

Joe Biden told Americans to remember, that the U.S. Constitution is not absolute under his leadership.

“Just remember the Constitution, the Second Amendment was never absolute,” the President said.

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