Point Pleasant Mayor Says ‘Idiots’ Who Trashed Long Branch Are Coming Thanks To Murphy’s ‘Garbage’ Laws

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POINT PLEASANT, NJ – Point Pleasant Mayor Paul Kanitra issued a harsh statement against the organizers of an upcoming urban pop-up party that boasted street fights, twerk battles, and booze on June 18th, blaming New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy for his inaction to protect shore towns from unruly and often violent crowds.

Kanitra called the organizers, “The same idiots who trashed Long Branch just a few weeks ago now set their sights on Point Pleasant.”

“Being nice and politely asking for help has gotten me nowhere with the State of New Jersey In terms of stopping violent and destructive pop up parties from occurring,” Mayor Paul Kanitra said. “It’s time people heard the truth. To my incredible residents and other sane people across the country, I’m asking you to share this video to help Point Pleasant Beach and countless other towns across our state from continually being destroyed and wasting taxpayer dollars. We’ve had enough.”

Kanitra said Governor Murphy has been pandering to criminals in New Jersey.

“The state has made it so you have to murder somebody before you go to county jail,” he said. “They screwed up our marijuana and liquor laws so young kids can feel like they walk down the street ripping shots and taking hits without worry.”

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Kanitra said it won’t be long until New Jersey turns into San Francisco.

“My town has to prepare for thousands of idiots partying, causing chaos and destroying things,” Kanitra said.

Phil Murphy said the pop up parties are just a group of kids unwinding after two years of pandemic restrictions and lockdowns.

“You’re coming out of a pandemic where people are desperate to get back out and scream from the highest mountains and get back in with other people. I get that and we have to figure out responsible ways for that to happen,” Murphy said.

Kanitra said the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office warned shore town mayors not to engage in divisive rhetoric regarding these large and unruly illegal gatherings.

“This isn’t about rhetoric,” Kanitra said.