Nothing Short of Tyranny, Jackson Mayor-Council Pull Sign Ordinance After Pressure by Out-Of-Town Realtors

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ – An ordinance that would have required realtors to pay a fee to place real estate-related signage in front of homes and land for sale was pulled by Jackson Township officials amid backlash from realtors from the township and surrounding area.

The ordinance was drafted after residents complained about realtors leaving signs in place long after homes were for sale and even in places where homes were not for sale.

Howell Township Realtor Brian Hutchinson, head of the Monmouth/Ocean MLS, said he was prepared to challenge the township, saying a sign in a yard is constitutionally protected free speech, one of the most sacred forms of constitutional free speech.

“There is a large population of this community who practices traditional Hebrew faith, Jewish faith and inside that faith which you may not know, is that there is a prohibition outside the household to have a utilization of technology such as the internet,” Hutchinson said, eluding that the ordinance would have violated their civil rights.

Toms River Realtor Booky Kalusyner thanked the township for withdrawing the ordinance and was met with a loud round of applause by the crowd, many of whom are realtors, adding that the ordinance would be a burden for residents and realtors alike.

Lakewood realtor Jacob Steinberg said, “The hoops you require us realtors and homeowners to jump through is nothing short of tyranny. I do hope you reconsider the ordinance in its entirety.”

All of the commenters at the May 24th town council meeting were out-of-town residents. No Jackson Township realtors spoke out against the proposed ordinance during the meeting.