He Assaulted A Teenager in a Movie Theater, Now This Florida Man Will Face Justice

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Collier County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk today said the man who beat a teenager in a movie theater in a video that went viral on the internet had been arrested and charged.

Carl W. Pukin of Naples was arrested and charged after he battered a 15-year-old boy at the Town Center 6 movie theater on June 10. Pukin is also a suspect in an incident at Baker Park earlier this month.

“Keeping children safe is my No. 1 priority,” said Sheriff Kevin Rambosk. “I am committed to ensuring anyone who commits an act of violence against a child in Collier County is brought to justice.”

Sheriff Rambosk noted both incidents were captured on cell phone video and widely shared on social media which led to Pukin being identified as the suspect.

“The victim in the movie theater incident told CCSO deputies that Pukin accused him of knocking into his child in the theater,” Rambosk said. “He said Pukin grabbed him by the throat and pushed him to the ground. Pukin threatened the boy with more violence and held him there until bystanders were able to pull him off the boy. Deputies responded to the theater but Pukin had already left the scene.”

The theater’s security video captured the incident. It shows Pukin grabbing the teen by the neck and throwing him to the ground. The footage shows Pukin holding a young child as he grabs and pushes the teen.

“Our community safety partners at Naples Police Department confirmed today that they are also investigating Pukin in connection with a separate and unrelated incident June 13 at Baker Park,” Rambosk said.

“An arrest warrant request was submitted by the Naples Police Department to the Office of the State Attorney for review,” said NPD Lt. Bryan McGinn. “A decision on that arrest warrant is expected soon.”