Asbury Park Police Chief Says Continued Illegal Fireworks Will Be Met With Zero Tolerance

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ASBURY PARK, NJ – It’s been two days since the Fourth of July celebration ended, but Asbury Park Chief of Police David Kelso says illegal fireworks continue to be a quality of life problem across the city. Today, he said violations will be met with zero tolerance by responding officers.

“The Asbury Park Police Department is aware of the increase in firework complaints throughout the city.  This issue is not unique to Asbury Park and is plaguing communities throughout the country,” Chief Kelso said. “However, this activity is disruptive and annoying, furthermore causes undue stress to many residents and pets.  Therefore, this unacceptable activity will be enforced with zero tolerance.”

Kelso said residents can report all firework complaints by calling (732)774-1300, then press “0” for the dispatcher. 

He said to provide as much information as possible. i.e., what observed, area, description of residence/person(s) involved. 

According to the chief, if police observe the activity, they will issue a summons and seize any unused prohibited fireworks as evidence.  If police do not observe the activity, the complainant will have the opportunity to sign a municipal summons on scene.     

“Remember that not all fireworks are illegal, with some being sold at food and/or convenience stores. Let the police respond and investigate each case,” the chief added.
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