D.A. Krasner Said Philadelphia Shouldn’t Feel Helpless After July 4th Shooting, Blames Republicans

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A screen grab from a surveillance video from the shooting shows people on a crowded street running in panic, presumably after gun shots were fired, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Philadelphia’s soft-on-crime District Attorney Larry Krasner said residents in the City of Brotherly Love should not feel helpless as his office continues to flounder when it comes to keeping residents safe. Krasner blamed Republicans for the shooting that wounded two police officers on the Fourth of July.

At this time, the suspects who shot two Philadelphia police officers, sending residents scrambling in panic remain at large.

“At this very early stage of investigation, we know that two law enforcement officers who were tasked with securing Monday’s 4th of July celebration on the Parkway were seriously injured by gunfire. Fortunately, they are recovering now,” Krasner said. ““The investigation of this incident will be very challenging for several reasons. I would urge the press and public to remain patient and understand the Philadelphia Police and other law enforcement are working hard to know as much as possible.”

Krasner reminded Philadelphia residents that shooting each other is a serious crime.

“In the meantime, please know this: Deliberately shooting at another person is a very serious crime. Celebratory gunfire on any occasion or gunfire not aimed at another individual that nonetheless harms others is a very serious crime; applicable charges may range from Reckless Endangerment to Aggravated Assault to Murder,” While Philadelphia Police investigate the cause of injury to the two officers last Monday, I am reminding the public that it is a crime to illegally possess or to illegally wield or discharge a firearm.”

Krasner who rose to fame by suing police officers, in 2020 openly supported police reform and defunding police. Now, he is urging Philadelphians to abandon their helplessness as he blamed Republicans for the Fourth of July Shooting.

“No Philadelphian should feel helpless in this moment. We all have agency to create safer, more peaceful communities. Last month, Republican lawmakers in Harrisburg gutted popular legislation to expand background checks for firearms and ban those under 21 from obtaining assault-style weapons and inserted language that would put more guns in the hands of more people. I urge Philadelphians to join me in calling on Republican lawmakers in the General Assembly to stop playing politics with people’s lives, and to pass gun safety reforms that are being demanded by strong majorities of Pennsylvania residents.

“More unlicensed guns in the hands of more people mean more gun violence, and make solving shooting cases even harder for law enforcement. More guns also put more officers in danger. There is no excuse for why FOP leadership and police union leadership nationally aren’t vocal supporters of gun control. Plenty of good cops they (poorly) represent support gun control because gun control makes us safer. Reminder to the national and local FOP: You represent police, not the NRA and its despicable agenda, in case you forgot. It’s too late for the countless Philadelphians we’ve already lost, but you still have time to get on the right side of the fight against gun violence and to save people’s lives,” he said.