SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NJ – For years, people have brought flags to the beach. If you ever drove through Island Beach State Park in the 80s and 90s you would see trucks lined up fishing, adorned with American flags.

Since that time flags have always been a thing at the beach. Team flags, university flags, town flags, pba flags, blue line flags, etc. Flying a flag at the beach has been no different than flying a kite at the beach.

In recent years, flags such as those have been joined by political flags, and liberals and socialists have become triggered by Trump flags, MAGA flags, and the like.

This week, New Jersey 101.5 got ripped by the public after a piece by Kylie Moore complaining about those flags. Moore complained about the flags on the beach, even mocking Italians for flying an Italian flag, saying they must have wanted to advertise pizza, a truly insensitive and racist stereotype.

Yes, Kylie, people have also been flying national flags at the beach since before you were born. Maybe you just need to get out, Moore.

“Maybe I’ve just been a bad New Jersey resident and I haven’t gotten much beach time in the last few years, but I feel like I completely missed the memo on this trend,” Moore wrote in her piece NJ shore visitors, when did putting up flags become a thing?  “Then I started seeing political flags and that’s where I had to roll my eyes. There were a few different groups along the shoreline with assorted “Trump 2024,” or “Let’s Go Brandon” flags.”

“I just don’t understand this person’s endgame. During your day at the Jersey shore, are you really trying to get into political debates with those around you? We’re all here to try to have a relaxing beach day,” she whined, asking readers not to call her a libtard.

Then she bitched about Seagulls and other typical beach experiences here at the Jersey Shore. Then she got ripped for authoring such an absurd and triggered tirade.

“It’s called freedom of expression it’s the same thing you liberals have been beating us in the head with for years when we’ve complained about various things from Robert Maplethorpe to Madonna to burning the American flag remember it works both ways,” replied John Williams.

“Could it be that we are all experiencing the worst “president” in the history of this beautiful country? A “president” that puts America last? We the people are freely expressing that we’ve had enough,” another replied.

“Remember just a few years ago ( when trump was president) we were proud to be Americans and had the extra money to do things other than complain about flags on the beach,” another said.

“What a deplorable thing to do, an American flag featuring a president who actually put the country first. Something everyone should do immediately,” said Audri Pace Hankins

“I’m from Louisiana and even I know they do that…have been. Put the social media down and get out more often,” said another.

“I agree no flags except the American flag l, but on the same note where was all the complaining about BLM or LGBTQ flags!!! No one is asking them to put away their bumper stickers on a pole,” another said.

One person who knows a lot about flags on the beach is New Jersey conservative Michael Shapiro who along with others organizes regular MAGA beach bashes across the Jersey Shore. In fact, this weekend, you can join Shapiro and his friends on the beach right here in Seaside Heights and see all of their flags, Kylie. Come out and say hello. Don’t be afraid.

So, Kylie’s rant against freedom should remind everyone to go out and remember to bring their American flag, and whatever other flags, including LGBTQ and yes, even the “I’m with her” and “Biden-Harris” flags just to prove that we are still a country that enjoys freedom of speech.

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