Chris Christie Tells Trump to Just Shut Up

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MORRISTOWN, NJ – Former Governor Chris Christie has some advice for former President Donald J. Trump…shut up.

The message comes just days after trump mocked Christie’s obesity in a post on his social network Truth Social.

In that post, a large and obese man was photographed from behind at a fixings bar, possibly of Christie himself at Roy Rogers.

“Chris Christie at Roy Rogers at 11 pm in the evening trying to console himself,” Trump posted on Truth Social.

It has not been confirmed whether or not the photo is actually of Christie himself. Christie responded by saying Trump needs to shut up and criticized Trump’s actions of late as ‘self-inflicted wounds’.

“N\nonsense arguments about the Department of Justice that the former president keeps on making on television and social media could backfire,” Christie said. “I think these are all self-inflicted wounds by Donald Trump, and you know, one of the things that I always say to clients is, you know, don’t out-loud fight with the Department of Justice. Like, you know, we’ll fight in court and do the things we need to do. He’s doing the exact opposite.”

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Christie said Trump needs to stop provoking and antagonizing the Department of Justice on social media.

“The more you absolutely antagonize with nonsense arguments on television that your lawyers won’t make in court — because they’re afraid they’ll be sanctioned if they do because they have no evidence — you’re pushing yourself closer to a self-inflicted indictment,” the former New Jersey governor added.

Trump claims the government’s actions against him are part of a conspiracy to tarnish the former President enough to not run for office in 2024.

“This is a giant Scam, a sick continuation of the Greatest Witch Hunt in U.S. History. A complete Weaponization of the Justice Department & FBI, and includes Democrat D.A.’s & A.G.’s. Controlled by the same people that brought you Russia, Russia, Russia, Mueller, Impeachment Hoax 1, Impeachment Hoax 2, and more. The American people will not stand for “Weaponization” any longer,” Trump said.