Murphy Says New Jersey’s New Curriculum is ‘Age Appropriate’; Girls Don’t Need to Wear Pink

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Photo 130379140 © Louis Mormile | Phil Murphy

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy today defended the state’s new radical sexual education curriculum that includes gender identity studies and teaches eighth graders about anal sex.

The new highly controversial curriculum went into effect at the start of the new school year and many school boards are balking at the governor’s new lesson plan.

On top of the gender studies and sexual education, the governor said girls need to know they don’t have to wear pink.

“All of this health and sex education awareness is age-appropriate,” Murphy said in an open forum with News 12 this week. “You want a country where girls don’t think that they can only wear pink, or only take certain courses, or only play certain sports.” 

Murphy said it’s the state public school system’s responsibility to teach children what is considered acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

“As you get older, you want to make sure that our young people are aware of what is acceptable behavior and what is unacceptable behavior, so when something bad happens, they know enough to raise their hand and say ‘that doesn’t feel right to me,'” Murphy said.

New Jersey was the first state in America to teach sexual education in public schools and under Murphy has been the national leader in the drive to introduce discussions about homosexuality and transgendered studies in public schools.

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Most polls show that parents of students in New Jersey are opposed to Murphy’s radical sexual education studies in middle school. More parents support those lessons in high school.