Utica man arrested after ripping out pipes, forcing ex-girlfriend at gunpoint to drive to Syracuse

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Utica Police Department vehicle - File Photo
Utica Police Department vehicle - File Photo

UTICA, NY – Police in Utica got to the bottom of a bizarre domestic disturbance complaint this weekend to find that a woman was abducted at gunpoint by her ex-boyfriend, who also ripped out the water pipes in her home, causing flooding.

On November 1, Utica police officers responded to a domestic disturbance on Maple Street to find the female victim who told officers what happened.

“The officers were informed that several days earlier, the victim’s ex-significant other and she engaged in an argument about the status of their relationship,” the Utica Police Department said. “As the conversation was ongoing, the suspect brandished a handgun and threatened the female with it. He then demanded that she drive him to a location in Syracuse. Once at that location, he took her cell phone so that she could not contact 911.”

A family member contacted the victim the next day to report that pipes in her basement had been ripped out, causing a flood at her water tank. When she returned home, she found her home ransacked.

Police arrested Jamar Key-Hickman age 36 of Utica who was charged accordingly.