New Jersey virtual weddings closer to becoming law

During the COVID-19 pandemic, if you wanted to tie the knot, you needed to do it through a zoom meeting. Since Governor Phil Murphy ended his draconian state lockdown, he also ended zoom weddings.

Now, a bill sponsored by Don Guardian, an openly gay New Jersey Republican Assemblyman, has advanced in the Assembly and could be heading to the governor’s desk in the near future.

Through a May 2020 executive order, New Jersey authorized couples to enter into a marriage or civil union via popular platforms like Zoom and FaceTime. However, the online option went away at the end of the public health emergency.

“Virtual weddings are convenient and cost-effective. This is one pandemic-era concept that everyone can come together on. It deserves a permanent blessing here in New Jersey,” Guardian (R-Atlantic) said.

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Guardian said this legislation would benefit the immunocompromised.

“There are couples with immunocompromised family members or friends living around the world who are still incorporating some virtual element to their nuptials. Allowing people to livestream their love for one another is the modern alternative to traditional big gatherings,” Guardian said. “This is about giving people the freedom to design a ceremony that reflects their needs and values.”