Want to Find out Who REALLY Hired Accused Rapist Al Alvarez? Just Ask for Yourself on Wednesday

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TRENTON-Everyone in New Jersey wants to know. Who hired accused rapist Al Alvarez?  Well, the public and the media has their chance to ask those in charge Wednesday morning.  The School Development Authority, for which Alvarez was hired is hosting a public board meeting at 9 am in Trenton.

The meeting is held at 32 East Front Street in Trenton.

Finding answers to the many questions the media has should be easy as the board is chaired by a staunch Republican from Jackson Township, Rob Nixon.  Nixon, a PBA lobbyist by day and Republican municipal councilman by night is scheduled to kick off his meeting promptly at 9 am.

We don’t know who hired Alvarez, but we do know now, who fired the 17 long time employees at the SDA. Read the story here.

Learn more about the SDA’s public meeting schedule here.

Meet the board of directors here.

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