Mo Hill Says his Voting Bloc, Donations, Zoning Ordinance Nothing But Politics by Fake News, Angry Democrats

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TOMS RIVER-Maurice “Mo” Hill, candidate for mayor of Toms River responded to what he called an “anonymous” letter sent out by a political action committee, “Residents Against Overdevelopment”. That committee is operated, according to the State of New Jersey, by fellow Toms River resident, Margaret Lynn Scheiderman.

Residents Against Overdevelopment mailed out a letter to thousands of Toms River voters detailing Hill’s election campaign donations from Scott Gartner, an Orthodox Jewish resident of Toms River who once threatened to sue Toms River if the township did not lower the minimum zoning requirements for houses of worship.

Scheiderman’s message clearly cited her sources, including the Asbury Park Press, NJ election Law Enforcement Commission, Ocean County Clerk, Toms River Land Use Committee meeting minutes and of course, Shore News Network.

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“I know some people will say this letter is anti-semitic,” she said. “It’s not.  People have a right to live where they want to live and worship how they want to worship.  We are calling out political leaders and political organizations that are backing Mo Hill, who made political donations and endorse political candidates.”

The letter sharply criticized Hill’s relationship, which he proudly boasts of, with Gartner, who also made a $2,600 contribution to Hill’s campaign in May.  It also noted that Hill received overwhelming voter support in June’s election in the North Dover section of town.


Hill said today that he denies the issues addressed in the letter and called it an “anonymous letter”, although it was clearly marked with a valid “paid for by” message that listed a real political action committee.

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“First, let me say, if there was such an organization, I, and my fellow Republicans on the Township Council would be card carrying members,” Hill said of “Residents Against Overdevelopment, which is a real PAC, registered in the State of New Jersey.

Despite Hill being a member of the subcommittee which approved an ordinance to reduce the zoning for houses of worship from 10 acres to 7, Hill says he opposes a two-acre reduction.

Hill took a shot also, at Shore News Network’s 100% factual coverage of his flailing political campaign, calling his victory in June, “historic”.

“Since my historic victory in the Republican primary on June 4, my integrity has been under a relentless attack by the Democrats and their fake news flacks,” Hill said.

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Hill said, “I have not and would never sell out Toms River to any special interest.”

Hill said his relationship with Gartner, The Toms River Chabad and The Toms River Jewish Community Council (TR VAAD) is just part of running for mayor.

“I have been criticized for accepting such invitations,” Hill said.  He has also been criticized for his bromance-like relationship with Gartner, which he stands firmly behind.

“Scott Gartner is a neighbor and friend of mine,” Hill said in a recent television spot he purchased on cable television. “I would not turn down donations from anyone.”

Hill said the allegations in the “anonymous” letter are hogwash.


Both letters are published below.




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