Poll: 90% of New Jersey Residents Say Governor Phil Murphy is a Failure


TOMS RIVER, NJ – Nearly 30,000 of our loyal and dedicated readers here at Shore News Network have taken an online poll in the past two weeks, and we’re not sure who the hell Monmouth University is calling, but our numbers are far different than theirs.  Monmouth University reports that Governor Phil Murphy is the second coming of Jesus with a 75% approval rating.   Look, Monmouth U., we love ya, you’re Jersey Shore like the rest of us, but please, stop polling Murphy’s closest friends and relatives in the future.

The Jersey Shore has spoken, Governor Phil Murphy is a complete and total failure.  From his handling of small businesses to the death sentences he gave thousands of grandmothers and grandfathers across the state during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Let’s not forget those precious souls, taken before the grim reaper was ready for them, yes, the greatest generation of all time in America, our World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War Veterans.  Murphy injected COVID-19 into nursing homes statewide that signed the death warrant for thousands of senior citizens.

In total, 28,951 people on Facebook participated in our poll.  Now, unlike Phil Murphy’s weird science and Monmouth University’s ridiculous “Scientific” polling, we used reality here, what people are saying about Heir Murphy out on the streets of New Jersey.  We didn’t call people waiting for their 1950’s landlines to ring, we polled real, New Jersey people.  The same people on the front lines, business owners, public employees, and every day working Joes.

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How do you feel Governor Phil Murphy has handled the COVID-19 Crisis?

The 1.2% here, most likely represents Phil Murphy, Gurbir Grewal and Judi, because anyone who thinks Murphy’s handing of the COVID-19 crisis is an absolute moron.  There’s no way any sane, reasonable and logical person can believe that.  Only 5.3% of our readers think Murphy is doing  an average to above average job with COVID-19.  84% say Murphy has been a total f’ck up.

How do you feel Governor Phil Murphy has handled the BLM/George Floyd Protest Issue?

Governor Murphy should have had a 90% approval here except for the fact that he completely screwed it all up.  Everyone believes we should have the right to protest and speak our mind and it was beautiful that our Governor, a progressive liberal champagne socialist was fully on board.  Except that Murphy had two distinct sets of rules during this time.  While he openly supported the BLM protesters, his brownshirts continue to this day, cracking down on all other forms of protest.   When Murphy showed up to support violations of his executive order, he pretty much lost the support of anyone who has been out of work for three months and is close to losing their business.  As they say, “He screwed the pooch.”  That’s why 83% of readers here at Shore News Network basically said his BLM response sucked.   Freedom and rights are for everyone and Governor Murphy is not judge and jury when it comes to who has rights and who doesn’t.  Murphy did the best in our poll on this question and if he wasn’t such a vindictive prick who picks and chooses winners and losers, he could have had a much better showing here.

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How do you feel Governor Phil Murphy has handled reopening New Jersey?

We’re all wondering where the hell Phil Murphy is getting this bulls-it he calls science.  His own medical professionals and scientists within his own health department are even calling him out.  A report last week revealed a leaked memo that says he’s pretty much spinning a wheel of chance or playing with a magic 8-ball in his office to determine what opens and what does not.  He insists it’s based on science, but 10 out of 10 business owners in the state disagree.   What he says about reopening even defies the science presented by the Center for Disease Control.  That’s why  94% of those 28,951 people who took our poll think he’s doing an absolutely shitty job reopening the state.  Once again, the 0.5% which reside in his own house said he’s doing a standup, fantastic job of it.

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Would you vote to re-elect Governor Phil Murphy if the election was today?

Ok, so here’s where you all went off the depend and really ruined the credibility of our poll.  97% of our poll takers said the would not vote for Phil Murphy if the election was today.  Maybe this is our fault and the question should have been, “If the election was today, would you actually get up off your ass and actually vote for the person running against Phil Murphy…no really…would you actually show up to vote…we’re serious!”

We already know 97% of you didn’t vote for Phil Murphy in 2017, but we also know that three-quarters of you who said you wouldn’t vote for Murphy won’t show up at the polls next year either.  That’s exactly how this man became our governor because you didn’t vote against him three years ago.  With 97% saying they won’t vote for him, that does us no good if you stay at home in 2021…prove us wrong.

Just imagine, if you actually show up to vote next year, we might even be able to get rid of Phil Murphy once and for all.


Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash