Toms River’s Public Land Fire Sale Continues as Township Auctions Off Five More Lots Near Money Island


TOMS RIVER, NJ – Toms River Township has residential lots for development near Monday Island.  The lots lie in a currently wooded tract of land between Whittier Avenue and 6th Bayway, between Breton Harbor Drive and Poe Avenue. According to the real estate auction house chosen by the council to sell the property, a sale has been made, potentially to the same buyer of 1.2 acres of land on Hinds Road in Silverton.

The township will finalize the Hinds Road sale on Tuesday.

The five lots have for decades served as a road divider between 6th Bayway and Whittier and offer a picturesque flair to the neighborhood. The land is currently owned by the township of Toms River, but that could change in the coming weeks as the property is now listed as under contract.

No price has been disclosed by the township, but this could represent the discrepancy between the auction h0use’s $318,000 purchase price and the township’s $250,000 contract with the buyer.  That would mean these lots were sold at auction for roughly $48,000, possibly to the same anonymous LLC that purchased the Hinds Road tract.





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