Liz Cheney Less Popular than Dad Dick at a Quail Hunt Says Trump, Jr.

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ORLANDO, FL – Donald Trump Jr., the son of President Donald J. Trump went on a rant against embattled GOP Congresswoman Liz Cheney today said the daughter of former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney is about as popular as her dad at a quail hunt.

After criticizing President Joe Biden’s bombing of the Middle East in his first month as President, Trump said Biden isn’t the only person bombing in Washington, D.C., saying Liz Cheney’s political career is also bombing.

“Speaking of bombing the Middle East, have you seen Liz Cheney’s poll numbers?” Trump asked the audience at CPAC.  “The one thing I’ll say for Liz Cheney is I’m sure she has a lot of bi-partisan support because if there’s one thing she and Joe Biden want to do, it’s bomb the Middle East.”

Trump blamed Cheney and fellow
“Liz Cheney and her politics are only slightly less popular than her father is at a quail hunt,” Trump said, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd.

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He then pointed to the news reporters in the back of the room, “Fact-checkers…please have at it. Fact-check true.”

Then vice-president Dick Cheney shot his hunting partner Harry Wittington, 78, with a 28-gauge shot gun during a quail hunt on February 11, 2006.

On February 11, 2006, then-United States vice president Dick Cheney accidentally shot Harry Whittington, a then-78-year-old Texas attorney, with a 28-gauge Perazzi shotgun, as cited by wi

“Liz Cheney hates Donald Trump and his policies because her family has a long history of friendly fire,” he said.  “He hates him because she’s tied to an establishment that has failed [America] time and time again.”

He tied Cheney to the failed Lincoln Project movement that has been besieged with allegations of sexual abuse and covering up inappropriate and deviant sexual behavior by its founder John Weaver.