Fact Check: Donald J. Trump lost the 2020 election and is not the President of the U.S., Here’s why


Former President Donald Trump claimed he won the 2020 U.S. presidential election, but more facts are emerging that sharply discredit the former President’s claim that he did not lose the election.  The liberal left and the media have fought hard to fact check the media who supported Trump’s claims that he in fact won the 2020 election, but in the last thirty days, several concrete facts and conclusive evidence have emerged disproving that claim.

We can put the entire argument to rest today and declare beyond a reasonable doubt that Joe Biden won the 2020 election and that President Donald J. Trump lost.

Rising gasoline prices

Americans enjoyed steady, low gasoline prices during the administration of President Donald J. Trump.  In some parts of the country, since January 20th, the price of a single gallon of regular gasoline has jumped in some areas as much as 50%.  The evidence is clear that Trump is no longer President as Trump’s policies ensured low prices at the pump.

Energy workers have lost their jobs

President Donald J. Trump implemented policies that would ensure America’s natural gas, coal, and oil workers would have a sustainable future in their industries, but thousands of workers along the length of the Keystone pipeline are now out of a job after the project was cut by Biden.   Had President Trump won the 2020 election as claimed, those workers would still be employed today. They are not, which is further evidence that Donald J. Trump lost the 2020 election.

U.S. border wall construction stopped

President Trump would never have allowed the construction of the nearly finished sections of the border wall to abruptly stop. Trump’s policy was to strengthen border security and safeguard the lives and quality of life of Americans living in border states.  The border wall project has been abandoned and the workers have been sent home to collect unemployment.  With the halting of construction on the southern U.S. border wall, it is proof that Donald J. Trump is not our president.

Tens of millions of Americans cannot get COVID-19 vaccines

One of President Trump’s hallmark actions as the leader of the United States was Operation Warp speed, a plan to approve COVID-19 vaccines and to get every American vaccinated.  Since January 20th, many U.S. states have struggled to get enough vaccines from the federal government, creating backlogs, waiting lists, and animosity between Americans struggling to get themselves vaccinated so America can return to normal.   This could be a tell-tale sign that Trump is not our president.

Millions of South and Central Americans have hope they can illegally enter the U.S.

There is hope and optimism throughout Latin America that the doors to America will soon be open and everyone, regardless of their criminal past, available skills, or eligibility can migrate north and resettle immediately in America.  So great is that optimism, it outweighs the optimism of most American citizens who actually already live legally in America.  The hope for a new future for illegal aliens in America has never been brighter.  This is a sign that Trump is not our president and confirms without a doubt that Joe Biden is indeed our President.   Under Trump illegal aliens, child sex traffickers and drug smugglers understood their actions have consequences.  Surely, Trump is not our President.

With those five facts being enough to prove that Donald Trump is not the President of the United States, we did notice an odd variable in it all.  If you visit any mainstream media news site or turn on the news on television coverage is non-stop of Donald Trump.  At first glance you would say, “Well, look at the 56 stories CNN did on Trump today, surely he’s our president.”

The anomaly is puzzling to say the least.  You would think if Trump truly did lose the election and was no longer president, their coverage would instead focus on the accomplishments of Joe Biden or perhaps the sex scandal brewing with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, but no.  There’s none of that.  We have concluded that the 24-hour continued coverage of Donald J. Trump on those networks can be chalked up to a disease that many psychologists have hinted might actually be a real thing, Trump Derangement Syndrome and the newer variant, Post Traumatic Trump Syndrome.

One this is sure and Americans far and wide can feel it now in their everyday life…Donald Trump is not our president.



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