Nancy Pelosi tells story of how grandkids say “Open Biden” to open doors

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WASHINGTON, DC – In a strange tale told before the American people, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi harkened back to 2013 when her grandchildren Paul and Thomas, ages four and five respectively met then-Vice President Joe Biden for the first time.

“We were at an event, the DCCC in New York, and Joe Biden was the keynote speaker.  They were so excited to see him because they’d heard so much about him from their cousins,” Pelosi said. “And they met him they talked about pets and things like that.  And afterward, after the luncheon was over, I took them got candy.  Don’t tell their mom.”

“I took them for candy at a place, Dylan’s in New York, where they have sort of like swinging doors,” the Speaker of the House said. “You have to get through the doors from one part of the store to the next.  So, here they are, the place is packed and jammed.  Kids are making all this noise over there on the side.  And all of a sudden, I hear them pronounce, ‘In order to open these doors, we do not say open sesame, we say “Open Biden.”  That’s our magic word.’”

“Open Biden?” she said. “I love it.”

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