Report: Americans planning to spend stimulus checks on guns


Forbes magazine today reported that many Americans are planning to spend their latest stimulus checks on guns.

The last two stimulus payments lead to an uptick in gun and ammunition sales nationwide.

“If last year was any indication, many Americans will be splurging on firearms again. There’s been a yearlong boom in sales as Americans have armed themselves due to worries about the rise of violent crime and outbreaks of civil unrest, including protests over police brutality against Black men and the deadly Capitol riots of Jan. 6,” Forbes reported.

“In April 2020, when many Americans were receiving stimulus payments in the mail or by direct deposit, federal background checks totaled 2.91 million, a 25% jump from the year before, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In December 2020, when many Americans started receiving another round of stimulus payments at the end of the month, federal background checks jumped 34% compared to the year before, according to the FBI,” the article reported.”

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