Having problems getting vaccinated in NJ? There’s now a Facebook group to help you with that

Facebook group of over 100,000 helping people navigate the difficulties of getting vaccinated in New Jersey.


If you’re one of the 7 million New Jersey residents who have not yet been vaccinated, then you know the struggles of working day and night to find an appointment for you or your loved ones.

One Facebook group in New Jersey is helping residents find appointments and connect with the appropriate vaccination sites in their area. Over 132,000 people have joined the group and we have personally used the group to successfully help some of our elderly in-laws and at-risk friends find appointments.

Not only does the group help its member with easy-to-use guides for a better understanding of the vaccine, but it’s also a community of people just looking to help each other get vaccinated…and it works. In fact, it works better than any commercial or government vaccination platform out there.

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Last week, we were able to quickly use the group and lean on others for advice to get vaccines for elderly family members who have been on the waiting lists since January. One person in the group even reached out to us to let us know they made phone calls on our behalf and let us know her results, which helped us get a relative an opening in a nearby vaccine site.

The group is called New Jersey COVID-19 Vaccine Info and it’s a great resource for anyone struggling to get vaccinated amid shortages and long waits at most providers.

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Within minutes of asking for help, dozens of answers from people with up-to-date information on vaccine availability in their area spring into action.

It’s also a place where people come to talk about the vaccine, the virus and to help each other with pretty much any topic related to both of those.

Want to know what to expect before you go to a vaccine site? The page is full of information about public and commercial vaccination options and personal experiences.

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There are also tips and tricks about getting vaccine appointments. Some sites refresh their lists at certain times of the day and we’re not going to give away the secrets, but you can go join the group and find out in order to get the best results and hopefully, get your vaccine quicker than you would have just waiting around.

If you haven’t been vaccinated, yet, stop randomly calling and putting your name on lists that are never going to get to you. Join the group today. You can visit the page here.

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