Where to get vaccinated in Camden County…who is eligible?

The New Jersey vaccination eligibility requirements have been expanded in the state of New Jersey and now, more residents can get vaccinated. There are several options available for residents of Camden County.

If you’re having help finding a vaccine, New Jersey residents have come together to help each other through the process on Facebook. You may want to consider joining the vaccination assistance group on Facebook. It is privately run and not affiliated with any government agency or healthcare providers. It’s just New Jerseyans helping each other.

New Jersey expands COVID-19 vaccinations. Who is eligible?

Facebook group helps New Jersey residents find vaccine appointments

“Our Administration has worked closely with communities to build an extensive vaccination infrastructure and has opened over 700 vaccination sites across the state,” said Governor Murphy. “We are already averaging approximately half a million shots per week, and with an expected increase in our federal allocation, we are confident we can expand our vaccination program to more of our essential workers and vulnerable populations. Together with our community partners and a steady supply of vaccine from the federal government, we will meet – and exceed – our goal of vaccinating 4.7 million New Jersey adults.”

Gov. Murphy still waiting for ‘Quantum Leap’ increase in vaccines from Biden administration

Who is eligible for a vaccine in New Jersey?

Beginning Monday, April 5, the following groups are eligible for vaccination:

  • Individuals ages 55-64;
  • Individuals ages 16 and up with intellectual and developmental disabilities;
  • Educators, including support staff, in higher education settings;
  • Communications infrastructure support, including engineers, and technicians, and members of the press;
  • Real estate, building, and home service workers, including construction workers, code officials, plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, property management, and maintenance workers;
  • Retail financial institution workers, including bank tellers, lending services, public accounting, and check-cashing workers;

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  • Sanitation workers providing disinfection and janitorial services, city sanitation workers; residential, commercial, and industrial solid and hazardous waste removal workers;
  • Laundry service workers, including those working in laundromats, laundry services, and dry cleaners;
  • Utility workers including, electrical generation and supply system, natural gas delivery, nuclear power plant, water supply, telephone, cable/fiber/optical/broadband/cellular service workers; and,
  • Librarians and support staff at municipal, county, and state libraries.

Where can I get a vaccine in Camden County

Vaccinations in within the county available through the following healthcare providers and clinic locations:

CAMcare Health Corporationcamcare.net/camcare-appointments
CAMcare Health Corporation
Camden County Vaccination Centercamdencounty.com/vaccineregistration/
CVS Pharmacycvs.com/immunizations/covid-19-vaccine
CVS Pharmacycvs.com/immunizations/covid-19-vaccine
CVS Pharmacycvs.com/immunizations/covid-19-vaccine
Osborn Family Health Centerosbornfamilyhealthcenter.com
Project H.O.P.E.projecthopecamden.org
Rite Aid Store 00236riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 00523riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 00687riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 00757riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 00789riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 00837riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 00843riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 01321riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 01596riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 01716riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 01732riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 01866riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 03455riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 04044riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 04601riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 04739riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 10440riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 10443riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 10444riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 10445riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 10447riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 10448riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 10463riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 10466riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 10467riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 10471riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Rite Aid Store 10472riteaid.com/pharmacy/covid-qualifier
Riverside Medical Group Camdenriversidemedgroup.com
Riverside Medical Group Mount Ephraim
Riverside Medical Group Urgent Care Center – Cherry Hillriversidemedgroup.com
Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicinerowanmedicine.com/vaccine
ShopRite Pharmacy #507vaccines.shoprite.com
ShopRite Pharmacy #531vaccines.shoprite.com
Wegmans Pharmacy #10https://www.wegmans.com/pharmacy/

Help! I need help getting a vaccine, what should I do?

If you are having difficulties getting an appointment for vaccination, there are several options.

First, you can visit the website managed by the State of New Jersey. If you are having trouble finding out where to get a vaccine or need an updated list of vaccination sites, visit the state vaccination location page.

You can call your local county Health Department hotline and they can assist you in your search. Many people have found success in contacting their local health department.

There is a group on Facebook that is helping people find and schedule appointments. You can join that group and ask your fellow residents. That group is not managed by any healthcare provider or government agency.

Having problems getting vaccinated in NJ? There’s now a Facebook group to help you with that

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Do I need to keep my COVID-19 Vaccination Card? Is it really a passport?

Governor Phil Murphy referenced the notion of a COVID-19 passport using your CDC issued COVID-19 Vaccination ID card. That card could be used in the future as a requirement to book vacations, attend concerts or sporting events, leaving and entering the country and access to certain government services. Murphy did not elaborate on how that passport will work and said the guidance should come from the CDC, adding that “I support the idea.” As of this publishing there is no law or executive orders, but many private businesses in the travel industry and entertainment industry are requiring proof of vaccination to attend events or use their services.

Murphy says COVID-19 vaccine card could be the ticket to your “New Normal”

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