Delaware trolls New Jersey on April Fool’s Day, but it didn’t make sense really


DELAWARE COUNTY – Delaware is a state. That was for the majority of people living in New Jersey who are completely unaware of that as they pass through it on I-95 for a minute or two on their way to better destinations. Or maybe as they pass through in their UHaul on their way to Texas, Florida or the Carolinas.

The state capital of Delaware is Newark, properly pronounced, “Nork”.

The high stake hi-jinks of public employees took over Twitter today as paid professional Twitter operators from both states, yes they both have those, apparently, ‘egged’ each other on.

“New Jersey and Delaware will be merging to become one state, named “New Delaware”. We’re offering @NJGov a fresh start. We’ll forget about all that stuff in the past. The capital will be the @demembridge, jughandles will be banned, and the full coastline will be “the beach.”

“The Beach” Delaware was referring to was about the 5 or 6 miles of ocean front beach in Delaware.

Delaware isn’t really known for anything it has done since being the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution in 1776. After that, it’s all pretty much a blank.

That’s why if New Jersey and Delaware were to merge, it would just simply be called “Delaware County, New Jersey”. We would immediately ban that nasty ass scrapple they love down there and mandate Pork Roll Egg and Cheese on the menu of every breakfast joint in the tiny little place.

You can both delete your accounts now.

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