Out on bail, but back in jail for two in Springfield


SPRINGFIELD, MA – 24-year-old Joseph Rios was outfitted with a GPS bracelet for a shooting and a prior firearm conviction when he was arrested again this week.

Springfield Police Narcotics Detectives under the direction of Sgt. Christopher Hitas seized two loaded firearms and made two arrests Wednesday afternoon.

Detectives were conducting a firearms investigation and received information an individual, Joseph Rios, was in possession of a firearm. Detectives were aware Mr. Rios has pending firearms charges and outfitted with a GPS ankle bracelet in lieu of incarceration pending trial.

Shortly after 4 pm, Detectives located Mr. Rios and a passenger, later identified as Sebastian Rosario, in a parked car on Marlborough Street. Detectives approached the car and observed a firearm on the floor between Mr. Rosario’s feet.

Detectives recovered the firearm and detained Mr. Rosario. Detectives then detained Mr. Rios and located a firearm under the driver’s seat. Both Mr. Rios and Mr. Rosario were arrested. Both firearms were loaded, the firearm under Mr. Rios’ seat was a large capacity firearm loaded with 31 rounds of ammunition.

“The brazen attitudes of these individuals facing numerous firearms charges just amplify our calls for holding these violent repeat offenders and enforcing stricter sentences for gun crimes. It is clear they have no regard for the citizens of Springfield and their actions also show they have no fear of punishment or lack thereof from our judicial system,” said Springfield Police Deputy Chief Steven Kent.

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno stated, “Once again, great work from our SPD Narcotics Unit in getting yet two more guns off our streets. Guns that could have ended up being involved in a tragic event where someone could have been shot and killed. This is yet another clarion call to our courts and legislators to take proactive action in response to these repeat criminal individuals being arrested, again, on numerous illegal firearms charges.”

“I again ask for immediate action on my Bail legislation and welcome any further initiatives that would hold these repeat violent criminal offenders responsible for their crimes that tear our families and our community apart. In the absence of stronger consequences for possession of illegal firearms and shootings, these same repeat violent criminal offenders will continue to plague our streets and our community,” Mayor Sarno added. “I can only pray and hope that the lack of action from our courts will not result in future gun related deaths from these repeat gun offenders. How many innocent lives must be lost, how much suffering must a family and community endure before changes are made pertaining to illegal gun crimes?”

Mr. Rios has a previous conviction for possession of a firearm. Mr. Rios was also indicted on numerous firearms charges, including armed assault to murder from September 2017 incidents including one where he is suspected of shooting a car with a six-year-old inside.

Pending trial he was released on a GPS ankle bracelet. Mr. Rosario also has an open firearms case. He was arraigned in Springfield District Court in July 2020.

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