MSNBC, CNN rip New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy over science denial

TRENTON, NJ – MSNBC is usually the cheerleader of the American left and of the country’s progressive politicians, but the actions of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy are even too much for the liberal news network to swallow. Even CNN couldn’t figure out why Murphy suddenly was going against the science of the CDC after he unilaterally decided to be the only governor in America to continue his state’s face mask mandate.

Murphy has been telling New Jersey residents since the pandemic that he would “follow the science”, but at this point, nobody in the country is quite sure whose science he’s following.

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The Governor who criticized President Donald Trump over his disagreements with the CDC, himself is now at odds with the CDC over the path forward for New Jersey Residents.

“Follow the science,” MSNBC Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough said. “If we’re telling governors to follow the CDC guidelines when Donald Trump is president of the United States, shouldn’t they follow the CDC science when Joe Biden is president of the United States? Follow the science and do what the CDC says.”

“Why did you decide to go against the CDC guidance and keep the indoor mask mandates in place for fully vaccinated people,” Murphy was asked during a CNN interview.

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“We’re just not there yet,” he responded.

On Friday it was announced that Murphy flip-flopped on his extended mask mandate and is expected to announce it will be lifted before the Memorial Day weekend.