Ohio Sheriff with Cherokee wife says Indians name change is disgusting

CLEVELAND, OH – Portage County Sheriff Bruce D. Zuchowski today is speaking out against the Cleveland Indians changing their team name to the “Guardians” after the 2021 season. Zuchowski, whose wife is part Cherokee and Blackfoot says the Indians name does not offend American Indians.

“I felt compelled to make a statement on behalf of the silent majority,” Sheriff Zuchowski said. “For the past few days, the release has been weighing heavy on my mind with disappointment and hopelessness. I thought back to the roots of baseball – an American family tradition. Sometimes referred to as America’s National Pastime, the game of baseball has played an active role in our nation for centuries.”

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Zuchowski said changing the name is changing history and an American staple to soothe the complaints of a few.

“When I was a child, I remember observing my grandfathers watching the Indians game on TV or listening on their AM radios. They both loved the Indians back in the day. Today, I know they are both turning over in their grave with anguish and disgust toward the recent actions,” Zuchowski said. “My wife is a descendent from the Cherokee and Blackfoot American Indian tribe. Both she and her relatives never viewed the Cleveland Indians as a biased or prejudiced team but rather their hometown baseball franchise. This is once again another attempt of trying to erase our history due to the outcry of the few that affects the many.”

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Zuchowski said he will continue to boycott professional sports as they work through their wokeness.

“I have boycotted professional sports for the past three years and if you were to ask me who the starting lineup was for the Indians, I couldn’t tell you. Some may question if I don’t care to watch or follow their progress, why should I care about their name change? The fact is that the general standpoint is not about this particular position taken by the team but rather the principle of the decision-making process,” Zuchowski said. “These unfortunate decisions are being made while continuously impacting individuals and industries across the nation. Both lawmakers and decision-makers need to begin to think about the majority of their constituents before caving to the impulsive demands being made by a small group of the public.”