Portnoy continues Wildwood Boardwalk Pizza Reviews with a Lime Rickey twist


WILDWOOD, NJ – Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy, the “pizza review guy” who hosts One Bite Pizza Review turned in his second review of Wildwood boardwalk pizza. Earlier this summer, Portnoy hit up the northern Jersey Shore

Mack’s Pizza has been in business for the past 60 years but doesn’t stack up to Sam’s Pizza, according to Portnoy, leaving Sam’s the undisputed king of the Wildwood Boardwalk for the time being at least.

This time, Portnoy got a taste of Lime Rickey’s Lime from the original Lime Rickey World. Many have tried to duplicate the Lime Rickey, but as Dave said, there’s nothing like a Lime Rickey on the Wildwood Boardwalk during the dog days of summer when the temperature is 90 but feels like 120.

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