Texas abortion ban raises important question: Is it really my body, my choice?


AUSTON, TX – Protesters chanting “Hands off my body. My Body is my own” showed up at the steps of the Texas State Capitol building today. Of course, they are protesting the state’s new anti-abortion bill that not only bans most abortions after six weeks, but it also allows Texans the ability to file civil lawsuits against illegal abortion providers.

Rage is trickled down the left, all the way from the top. Yesterday, the Biden administration made their stance known, abortion needs to be codified and legalized by Congress.

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The Supreme Court has chosen not to step into the debate for now, which is a not-so-good sign for the pro-choice movement. It signals that if an entity decided to take Texas to court, the case will eventually make it to the right-leaning court and it will overturn Roe vs. Wade with a decision that lands on the Texas side of the debate.

Still, the protesters at the Capitol today raised a very important question, “Who’s body is it?”.

In Texas, it’s your body, but the person growing inside you becomes its own body after six weeks. That means, sure, it’s your body, but the baby is now a legal human with basic human rights.

But what about the COVID-19 vaccine? Many people, for whatever reason do not want to get vaccinated with a vaccine that took just months to develop and has just nine months of data behind potential side effects and efficacy.

The same left that is out there today preaching “My body” is the same left preaching, “It’s not your body” when it comes to COVID-19 vaccination.

Vaccination against COVID-19 is an important step in eradicating the virus, but the left, which is vehemently opposing the Texas state government’s intervention when it comes to abortion is fully supporting state-mandated vaccinations, vaccination segregation, and vaccination shaming.

That same left is quick to shame people who wish to try experimental treatments to relieve COVID-19 symptoms such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, two drugs that have not been proven to cure COVID-19 but also have not been completely ruled out of possibly being drugs that might one day be in the COVID-19 tool kit…or might not. The world will never know until there are proper clinical trials and studies on their effects.

Instead, the left shames people calling ivermectin a “horse dewormer” as the keyword to shame people desperate enough to try anything to protect themselves from a virus that until a few days ago didn’t even have an FDA approved vaccine.

Why isn’t it “My body, my choice” for people who want to use off-label drugs, but it is “My body, my choice” for people who want to inject themselves with heroin, fentanyl, and other dangerous and lethal drugs. In those cases, the left provides people with clean needles and safe spaces to inject harmful drugs into their bodies and they work feverishly to decriminalize the injection of those lethal drugs.

There’s no “My body, my choice” when a parent doesn’t want to put an unsanitary cloth facemask on their child and send them to school for eight hours per day.

The Texas abortion bill has one goal, to save the lives of unborn human children. To stop them from being disected alive and extracted from the mother’s womb.

If “My body, my choice” was such an important stance, why aren’t people who are preaching it make better choices with their body? Everyone knows that when two human beings engage in sexual intercourse, there’s a possibility of that process creating a living, human child.

The time to think about “My body, my choice” starts in the bedroom. Not on the statehouse steps. Abortion is a major medical procedure and the act of removing a human fetus from a woman’s uterus is a far more off-label use of modern medicine than somebody experimenting with hydroxychloroquine or, dare we say it, horse tranquilizers.

Using medicines off-label to possibly treat COVID-19 only affects one body, the person taking it. Abortion affects two bodies. The woman who made the bad choice in the bedroom and the innocent child that was deprived of life.

Yes, it is “My body, my choice” but half of America will no longer take this debate seriously after the left has been completely exposed for its hypocrisy on the statement.