Miss Liberty reports iconic poster plastered car stolen in Atlantic City

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ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – Sondra Fortunato. You may recognize her from her car that she drives around town fully loaded with flyers, pictures and random slogan. Recently she upgraded her old jalopy to a 2021 Toyota and of course quickly adorned her trademark Miss Liberty tags on that vehicle.

This week, she claims, her new car was stolen in Atlantic City, a city where gun crime, carjackings, and grand theft auto are on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortunato says her vehicle was stolen after a search at two local towing companies came up empty, after all, she asked, “Who would steal a car that said ‘Cops Are Tops’ on it?”

In Atlantic City? Who wouldn’t?

The car is unmistakable if the perps left it decorated, so if you see it, call the police. For now, she will pull out the classic Miss Liberty ride we all know and…well, some love.