Toms River School Board Under Fire Over Questionable Links in School Curriculum

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The Toms River School Board is under fire over links to questionable curriculum items in the school’s middle school learning program. One parent even called for the resignation of School Board President Joe Nardini, who is up for re-election next week.

Warren Crosby, a parent asked the Toms River Regional School District why the course curriculum art involved links to websites that promote perverse imagery and statements to children as young as 10 years old. Crosby, a parent in the district brought to the board’s attention links on the school website that promote pornography to the students.

Links on the school district website brought students to websites such as “30 children’s books with LGBTQ Characters”, “Famous LGBTQ people” and others, but one link was of concern to Crosby. That was a link to the Art History Teaching Resources which had several risque and inappropriate lessons for students, including one entitled “QueerArt: 1960s to the Present“. The district has since removed the pages from their school curriculum website shown above, but the Art History Resources website remains active.

The Toms River School District is having its annual board member election next Tuesday and Nardini is on the ballot, seeking re-election. Nardini, throughout Tuesday’s meeting was short and abrupt with many parents who wished to speak out against the district’s direction.

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Topics at the meeting ranged from critical race theory, to LGBTQ studies to school face masks and the Department of Justice letter sent by the National School Board Association claiming parents at school board meetings are engaging in domestic terrorism by objecting to the liberal and progressive agendas being taught nationwide.

The district attempted to silence Crosby from speaking further about the incident.

This is a censored article. To see the uncensored version of this story, read it here.

You can watch the interaction below: