The next COVID-19 variant is scheduled to be ‘pi’ which is an ‘irrational’ and ‘infinite’ number

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Number Pi Day vector illustration, 14th March

When the World Health Order named the Omicron variant, it intentionally skipped two Greek letters from the previous delta variant.

The WHO has been going alphabetically but after Mu, they were presented with a problem. The next two Greek letters, Nu and Xi, both have meanings in the Chinese language. This created a dilemma for the WHO who seeks to distance China, the country of COVID-19’s initial outbreak and origin from possible negative connotations.

The Omicron strain should have been named either Nu or Xi. In Chinese, Nu means “angry” and Xi means “to hope or desire”. Xi is also the name of Chinese leader Xi Jinping. For those reasons, the World Health Order skipped using the two words.

The next letter in the Greek alphabet after omicron is pi. In mathematics, pi is an irrational number and most agree it represents infinity.

“When mathematician Johann Lambert proved that pi is irrational, the fact that it is infinite came along at the same time. The reason for this is that all irrational numbers are infinite,” ScienceABC describes the number.

This leads us to our first question. Will the World Health Order skip pi as the name of the next COVID-19 variant because of it’s an obvious marketing failure waiting to happen?

Think of the Twitter feeds…

“Who wants to come to my house for some pi?”

“Want to come to my Christmas party, bring pi.”

“Here, have some pi.”

Pi is infinite. It represents irrational chaos and it’s almost certain that the WHO will skip pi and opt for the more ominous-sounding “ro” or “sigma” COVID-19 variants.

Just imagine, contracting the pi variant on World Pi Day, March 14th.

The prospect of WHO naming the next variant pi, as many think the existing pandemic reaction by governments all over the world is irrational, fearing it could be infinite, is very low.

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