Mocktails anyone? First alcohol free bar in Texas thinks it’s ready to franchise

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Laredo, TX – Less than four years since Reynald Vito Grattagliano started pouring mocktails at ArKay House in Laredo, he is hoping to expand its non-alcoholic bar across Texas and the U.S.

ArKay House opened applications for franchises and CO-OPs on its website this week. Interested business owners can start the process by filling out an inquiry form.

“I’ve been inspired by the dozens of people from across the country who have reached out wanting to bring a radically inclusive, alcohol-free bar to their community,” Reynald Grattagliano said in a release. “I’m honored to offer this opportunity and support the normalization of not drinking alcohol.”

“Since 2011 when I created ArKay, the world’s first alcohol free spirits, I’ve been hustling to put this together in response to the numerous inquiries I’ve gotten from people in and out of state,” Reynald Grattagliano said.

ArKay House opened in May 2018 with around 40 alcohol-free beverage offerings produced by ArKay Beverages. The bar serves coffee by morning and switches to NA drinks around 4 p.m. (noon on weekends). Menus of seasonal mocktails and “elixirs” ($7-$14) are accompanied by sandwiches and snacking plates ($4-$25). A bottle shop onsite sells NA beer, wine, and ArKay NA spirits to take home.

“With ArKay House, franchisees can make up to $300K net profit per year, the beautiful thing about this concept is that no liquors license is required, therefore the cost of opening an ArKay House can be half the cost of a regular bar serving alcohol, in few words each franchisee will make a lot of money while helping others to get away from liquors,” said Reynald Grattagliano.

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