Asbury Park Pastor Fears Toms River Shooting Could Lead to More Violence

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – A pastor speaking out on behalf of the family of the man killed in Friday night’s shooting at the Top Tier Hookah Lounge fears the murder of Nymere Tinsley could lead to more shootings and retaliations. He is urging witnesses to come forward and to let the police handle the matter.

Tinsley, 25, of Asbury Park, went to the lounge to have a good night but ended up dead when two gunmen opened fire, killing him and wounding two others. One victim remains in critical condition in the hospital and another was released after being treated for a gunshot wound.

Rev. Dr. Ricky Donato, who spoke out on behalf of the family said anyone who knows the shooter needs to come forward and tell police before the situation escalates into more shootings.

“I don’t know if you ran past the killer, ran with the killer, got in the car with the killer, or followed the killer – but someone knows the killer,” Donato said. “Somebody knows something, and we don’t really have time to play the snitch game. His mother is hurting, his father is hurting, his children are hurting, and we want justice.”

Donato fears the shooting, if unanswered by police investigators and unreported by witnesses, could lead to more violence.

On Monday, after months of complaints, the Township of Toms River shut the business down for multiple zoning violations, according to the township.

At this time, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office and Toms River Police Department have not identified any suspects in the murder of Tinsley. A motive has also not been announced and police did not say whether or not Tinsley was the intended target of the shooting.

The Toms River Police Department said there is no threat posed to the community.