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March Madness in Ocean County: Top Craziest News Stories You Might Have Missed

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2017 has been a very strange year here in Ocean County in the news.  Here’s our list of the top 10 craziest stories in case you missed them.

Million Dollar Heroin Man Released via Bail Reform Act
A Manchester man caught with a million dollars in heroin is back on the streets hours after a coordination law enforcement operation takes him off the street thanks to New Jersey’s bail reform and speedy trial act.  Read it here.

St. Patty’s Day Drunk Driver’s Crash Caught on Video
Watch as a pizza delivery driver’s dash cam captures this reveler crashing into the median in Silverton.  Read it here.

Deranged Man Shot by Toms River Police
Toms River Police forced to shoot a deranged man in apartment complex standoff. Read it here.

Accused Pedophile Weeps as He’s Sent to Jail
A man accused of sexual crimes against children in Little Egg Harbor finally incarcerated after outcry by the public and local chief of police, Richard Buzby.  Read it here.

WOBM Radio Host Drives into Multiple Park Cars, Nothing to See Here
An odd story about money and power as a WOBM Radio host drives into several parked cars and eludes police, yet the media which receives advertising dollars from the  wealthy host’s philanthropic organization remains silent. Read it here.

Ocean County Sheriff’s Officer Charged with Stealing Coke
Sharing a Coke took on a new meaning in Ocean County in March after a Sheriff’s Officer was charged with stealing cocaine from an evidence locker for his own use.  Read it here.

Gymnastic Coach Charged with Child Porn
A local gymnastics coach who teaches young girls charged for possession of child pornography.  Read it here.

Letter says no Goyim at new Lakewood Shopping Plaza
A letter written by a Lakewood resident condemns the thought of non-Jews and Jews interacting at a newly proposed shopping plaza. Read it here.

Anti-Trump Protesters Scuffle on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk
Watch as these anti-Trump protesters engage Trump supporters at the March MAGA March in Seaside Heights.  Read it here.

Finger Flipping Quad Rider Caught
A quad rider who vandalized a local school and flipped off the security camera was identified by police.  Read it here.

A Dangerous School Bus in Lakewood
Watch as this school bus driver in Lakewood just can’t wait in traffic like everyone else.  Read it here.

Barnegat Bay Pirate Ship For Sale
A replica pirate ship that sails the Barnegat Bay went up for sale. Read it here.

Ritacco Style Politics Blocked by Toms River School Board
The Toms River School Board blocked a move to appoint Ritacco tied firm to a $97,000 appointment. Read it here.

Little Egg Harbor Jumps Off Florida Overpass
A Little Egg Harbor Man jumps off a Florida overpass after pushing a cop down in the sunshine state. Read it here.

Man Exposes Himself to Point Pleasant Teenage Girls
Police searched for a man who exposed himself to teenage girls.  Read it here.

Hooking Up For Bernie, Now Helping Seniors
A Brick woman who made national headlines by using dating app Tinder to campaign for Bernie Sanders given appointment to township housing authority.  Read it here.

Watch: Jackson Idol Performance at Jackson Liberty High School

Recorded on 2/16/17 – Jackson Idol

Top 5 Waterfront Restaurants in Ocean County

Now that spring has sprung across Ocean County it’s time to get back out on the water and enjoy a nice meal, some drinks and entertainment as the warm spring breeze blows across the Barnegat Bay, Toms River or Atlantic Ocean at your favorite waterfront watering hole and restaurant.

So, get out and do something different this weekend.

We often get spoiled by the beauty that surrounds us living here at the Jersey Shore where the shore’s scenic beauty is often just minutes away, or even completely overlooked as we carry on with our daily routine.

Now that it’s getting warmer out, it’s time to stop a bit and enjoy our surroundings once again.

Here are our picks for the top 5 waterfront restaurants in Ocean County:

Chef Mike’s Atlantic Bar & Grill, South Seaside Park
Enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean from the pristine beaches of South Seaside Park in one of the best Oceanfront restaurants in the state.  Local hometown chef, Executive Chef Mike Jurusz dazzles his diners with outstanding culinary creations.   He traveled the country and worked for some of the most accomplished chefs, bringing everything he learned away back to the Jersey Shore and onto his menu.

Martell’s Water’s Edge, Bayville
Martell’s is a shore favorite whether it’s their Point Pleasant oceanfront tiki bar or their secluded Water’s Edge location in Bayville along the Barnegat Bay.   This year, they are introducing “Whitecaps”, serving up American shore comfort food…with a twist of elegance.  At Martell’s Water’s Edge, you can enjoy a drink or a meal from indoor waterside seating or on their bayfront outdoor deck.

Baker’s Water Street Bar & Grille, Toms River
We all grew up going to the Lobster Shanty, but today, it’s Jack Baker’s Water Street Bar and Grille, located in historic downtown Toms River. There’s a perfect view of the Toms River and the occasional passing of the River Lady, a replica paddlewheel boat that tours the river daily in the warmer months.  Baker’s Water Street boasts a festive atmosphere and great food.  https://www.facebook.com/BakersWaterSt/.

River Rock Restaurant and Marina Bar, Brick
Another old-time convert, the River Rock Rock used to be Peterson’s Riviera Inn, but new has replaced the old and the restaurant is once again bustling with life and entertainment.  Located along the Manasquan River in Brick Township, the restaurant rocks all year long, but rocks on the outdoor patio overlooking their marina.  Entertainment usually features Dj’s, bar bingo, trivia night and they have 44 large screen televisions located throughout the restaurant. https://www.facebook.com/RiverRockGrille.NJ/.

Panini Bay Waterfront Restaurant, Tuckerton
Unlike most waterfront restaurants in Ocean County, Panini Bay is an Italian restaurant at the very southern end of the Barnegat Bay, overlooking the Tuckerton Cove.   As expected from a waterside Italian eatery, you can find the freshest fare of calamari, jumbo shrimp and seafood dishes that can be found anywhere along the shore.

There’s our choice for the top 5 waterfront restaurants in Ocean County.  It is certainly not a comprehensive list and you’re more than welcome to add your own in the comments section below.   Got an idea for a top 5 list? Let us know in the comments!

Photos are by their respective restaurants.

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