Accomplice who freed viral video spring breaker from cop car arrested


CLEARWATER, FL – He said he wanted to be famous and now he is, the Clearwater Police Department said.  18-year-old Adam Asad of Oldsmar was captured in a now-viral video opening the back door of a police cruiser has been arrested.   You can read about that here.

The plan was to open the door of a police car, let your friend out, catch it on video then become a famous TikTok user…It almost worked, except he became famous in a TikTok video letting a friend out of the back of a police cruiser…but the police also have TikTok.

His effort was caught on video and he later admitted to it on TikTok.   “I opened that door lol,” he said

Not only is Asad now a famous TikTok user, he’s also going to be spending his spring break in jail.

“Adam Asad, 18, of Oldsmar is the suspect who helped a handcuffed prisoner to escape on the beach. He faces two charges — aiding prisoner escape and resisting arrest without violence. He bragged he was going to be famous for his actions. Now he’s been taken to jail,” the Clearwater Police Department said.

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