Liberal NJ reporter made death threat to Republican U.S. Congressman


OCEAN CITY, NJ, A freelance columnist and member of the New Jersey Press Association whose work is published occasionally in the Ocean City Sentinel is under fire after comments he published in the newspaper.

In a column published on March 10th, John McCall said that he wants to see the comments made during President Donald Trump‘s “Billy Bush” conversation happen to Congressman Jeff Van Drew‘s wife.

Van Drew, a former Democrat turned Republican and now a supporter of Trump has been criticized by the far left for his switch.

McCall said he wanted to see those same acts of lifting VanDrew’s wife over the hood of the car and recording her physical reaction. He also called for Van Drew to be executed in a January column.

McCall followed up with a voicemail left on VanDrew’s phone line.

“Since your betrayal of our party and your treasonous loyalty to the worst degenerate who has ever occupied the presidency,” he said. “I would swear to your demise…as a politician and I believe that you personally are a degenerate. As a member of the New Jersey Press Association, I will do everything in my power to ensure that you are deposed, if not dead.”

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McCain identified himself as both a member of the NJPA and the Democrat Party.

“Anything I can do to get you out of office, I will do,” McCall said. “You are a traitor…and you deserve the fate of all traitors.”

The penalty for treason in America is death. McCall also called upon rioters to attack Van Drew’s home smash everything, violate his family and ‘walk away laughing’.

“For far too long calls for violence have gone unchallenged, but today, right here in Cape May County we are drawing a line in the sand. You can come after me with loud words and threats, but if anyone, let alone a member of the Press, thinks they can threaten my wife and my family they’ve got another thing coming,” Van Drew said.

Later, McCall said Trump supporters were threatening him, calling them “mini-Trumpers”.

David Nahan, the editor of the newspaper who green-lighted McCall’s violent and seemingly unhinged ramblings issued a formal apology.

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“McCall, a local resident and freelance journalist who periodically submits guest columns and letters to the editor, wrote about being visited by Ocean City police officers responding to a request from the congressman after receiving the phone message.  As editor and publisher of the newspaper, here is my personal response directly to the congressman about the phone message and printing the column,” he said. “If I thought his writing contained any threats of any type of harm to women, I would not have allowed it to appear in my newspaper.”

Later he said if McCall was an employee of the paper, he would be fired. Nahan was upset because instead of calling him directly, Van Dre decided to instead host a press conference about the encounter.

“You didn’t call me directly to ask for an apology. Instead you held a public press conference to blast this newspaper and the man who wrote the column. But that is fair. You have every right to respond. I wish I knew about the content of the phone call earlier. If I did, I would not have let that column appear in the newspaper,” he added.

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