Dan Bongino just blew up the whole Hunter Biden scandal, but the media isn’t interested


Imagine what would happen if Donald Trump, Jr. was engaged in shady overseas companies run by the Chinese communist government or the Ukrainian government? Imagine if Ivanka Trump showed up somewhere high on crack and ditched an illegal handgun in a nearby trashcan. Imagine if Eric Trump was caught on camera with a pair of hookers with a giant Squirtle watching over him.

Well, the media surely would not ignore it the way they ignore Hunter Biden. In fact, few media outlets outside of Shore News Network, Fox News, The New York Post, Newsmax and others actually care to cover the follies of America’s first son.

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One of those standing tall to expose what is going on with Hunter Biden’s often shady, probably illegal dealings is Dan Bongino, host of the Dan Bongino Show. This week, Bongino uncovered and revealed new findings in the ever growing Hunter Biden scandals that you of course, won’t see on CNN or MSNBC.

“Incredible new video emerges exposing the most radical Biden administration nominee yet. In this episode, I discuss the troubling video and I also address the dangerous new tactic the left is employing to crush freedom and liberty,” Bongino said.