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AP: Ground Game Podcast: Mayor Pete’s Big Money Strategy

South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg has risen as an unlikely top tier candidate in the 2020 democratic presidential primary race. We go inside...

AP: Johnson: We broke the deadlock

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he now has mandate to deliver Brexit after his landslide re-election victory.

AP: Johnson vows to honor campaign pledge

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson vows to honor his campaign pledge to "Get Brexit Done" as his conservative party heads to general election victory.

AP: Top candidates vote in British election

U.K. voters are deciding who they want to resolve the stalemate over Brexit in a parliamentary election seen as one of the most important...

AP: UK: Young voters could hold the key to victory

In a British election dominated by Brexit, young voters who had no say in the country’s decision to leave the European Union could hold...

World News: Argentina’s opposition leader Alberto Fernandez wins the presidency

Centre-left candidate opposition candidate, Alberto Fernandez has won more than 47 percent of the vote compared with President Mauricio Macri's 41 percent. Fernandez campaigned...

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