Kamala Harris ain’t got no time for no border crisis


There is a border and immigration crisis in America, but the one person tasked to handle it, Vice President Kamala Harris, “Ain’t got no time for that!”

On Tuesday, Harris, the new “Border Crisis Czar” was in the Windy City visiting a black owned bakery called “Brown Sugar Bakery”.

Before that, she visited with embattled California Governor Gavin Newsome, in California, a border state, but in San Francisco. She did not address the city’s rampant homeless crisis while she was there either. Harris has instead been traveling the country touting the latest economic relief plan passed by Democrats.

Since being appointed to the position to tackle the problem, Harris hasn’t visited the border or even spoken about the border crisis.

“VP Harris is in charge of addressing the root causes of the border crisis….She hasn’t visited the border…She took time to visit a bakery in Chicago. I’m wondering if she’s still working on this,” a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

“Like many Americans, she got a snack, I think she’s allowed to do that,” Psaki said. Psaki still cannot confirm when, or if Harris will visit Biden’s growing stable of child detention camps along the border with Mexico.

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